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Gift Certificates Available! 

ATTENTION: Homeschooled Students.  


We welcome you to join our Wednesday and Thursday day classes.


In addition, we are a vendor through the New Hampshire Scholarship Fund, which  is a part of the Education Freedom Account.  


Qualified students are eligible for money to help fund educational experiences outside of the home.  


Information can be found by going HERE.




- one class per week for 6 weeks.

Monday – 6 pm – 8 pm  Milford and Greenfield

Tuesday – closed

Wednesday – 10 am – 12 noon – Milford  and 6 pm – 8 pm Greenfield

Thursday – 1 – 3 pm  Milford

Friday – Closed

Saturday 10 am – noon  Milford and Greenfield

Saturday 1 – 3 pm Milford and Greenfield

Sunday 10 – noon Greenfield

Sunday 1 – 3 pm Greenfield

Basic Forging Fundamentals for Beginners Transitions into Basic Knife Making

Pre-registration & full payment required.

Please be sure to communicate with your instructor if you cannot make class. If there is a no call, no message, or no show, you forfeit your missed class. No makeup class option will be offered in this scenario.

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