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Policies →Effective March 9 2022


The six-week  basic blacksmithing course runs for six consecutive weeks. It consists of one class per week and is 2 hours in length.


If you miss a class, we will do our best to accommodate you with a makeup class on a different night but it needs to be scheduled within your six-week sign-up period. If you need to extend your six-week period, a $25.00 extension fee will be applied.

Example: If your normal Blacksmith class is Monday and you can’t make it, you will need to come in either Wednesday, Saturday, or Sunday within the same week to avoid a makeup class extension fee.

Extension Fee & How It Works →


If you miss one week of class and you cannot make it up within the allotted 6 week time frame you will be charged an extra $25 to makeup the week missed.

If you miss two weeks of class and cannot make it up within the allotted 6 week time frame you will be charged an extra $75 to make up the 2 weeks missed.

If you miss three weeks of class and cannot make it up within the allotted 6 week time frame you will be charged an extra $150 to make up your three weeks missed.

After this period of time you will forfeit your classes as we will not extend any longer than 3 weeks. No refunds will be given.

We work very hard to keep the cost of the course to an affordable price so as to allow for renewal potential for the student.


If everyone ran the six-week period out to 8 or in some cases 10 or 12, we could not continue to offer such low prices or would not be able to offer any classes at all.

If you are unable to complete your class due to a medical issue, a doctor's note will be required and we can make arrangements.

You will need to contact Vinny Anfuso directly in cases like this.


Class Policies, Awareness and Acknowledgement: 

Please be sure to communicate with your instructor if you cannot make class.


If there is a no call, no message, no email, or no show, you forfeit your missed class. No makeup class option will be offered in this scenario. Please communicate with your instructor.

Proper clothing is essential.


You must wear cotton shirts or sweatshirts, jeans, and proper shoes.

No synthetic or highly flammable clothing, no open-toed shoes or high heels.


If you have long hair we highly recommend securing it back. In fact, we insist on it. 

No long and dangling jewelry.

Please bring protective eye gear.


Either by the fire directly or by items that have been heated in the forge, most people acknowledge that fire and glowing metal items as being hot and avoid them or at the very least use caution; however, the biggest danger in this regard is the unsuspected ‘cold looking’ iron that is indeed hot.


Hot mental can burn even without the visual signs of heat (the red glow).


Occasional minor burns are to be expected even though we try our best to avoid these incidences at all cost.


Always assume everything is hot!  

All blacksmithing materials will be supplied.

Greenfield Forge Blacksmithing Shop reserves the right to dismiss any student at any time, without a refund, for misconduct or action which is considered in the school's opinion to carry a negative image.

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